I used to host this blog at asierba.wodpress.com and I recently migrated it to github pages.

Wordpress.com is a nice place to easily create a blog in seconds. You just go there, create and account, create a blog and start writing post in the browser itself. When I first started with blogging that’s what I wanted: 0 friction to start!. And that worked quite well for me for a while.

But worpress and specially wodpress.com is a bit limiting.

Wordpress has this WYSIWYG editor, which is a bit like word. You can type text, make it bold/italic/etc with buttoms, add images and all sort of stuff. You can also switch between WYSIWYG to html view while you write your post. Usually you would use the web editor, but I think there is a windows client version - although I never used it. Wordpress is php based and it comes with all sort of plug-ins.

Wordpress.com is a blog posting platform for wodpress based blogs. The problem with wordpress.com are two: one it doesn’t allow plug-ins (for security reasons) and two you don’t own your contents.

I wanted to stop using wodpress.com a while ago, but I wasn’t sure about the approach. Should I host my own wopress blog or should I change totally and use a different platform??

Then, one day, I discovered github pages and Jekyll! It’s really easy to create a blog with them.

Jekyll is a static website generator based in mark down. You can create a whole website based in markdown files. I love that is based in markdown. Markdown is much simpler than html. I just want to write some text in a page. Why do I need to get complicated with html?

Githubpages is a free hosting platform for static websites and it works pretty well with jekyll. You can create a repo named your-username.github.io, push the code with your jekkyl website and your website will be up at running at your-username.github.io in a few seconds (mine is asierba.github.io). Every time you make changes and push it to github it will regenerate the website with your changes.

I discovered this a few years ago and I wanted to migrate my wordpress blog about a year ago. But I thought it would be really hard, so I procrastinated and procrastinated and procrastinated… and suddenly a couple of weeks ago got to do it!

It turned out it wasn’t that hard. I did it in an afternoon! If you are interested I simply followed this blog post that describe how to do the migration.

I am going to keep the old blog at asierba.wodpress.com just because I am a bit a nostalgic, but don’t expect me to post there. From now on I will just post at asierba.github.io. I already changed asierba.net to point to github pages, so none of this should matter to you anyway.

In case you are having issues to get the latest content via your rss reader this is the url to the feed: http://asierba.net/feed