I recently started working as a contractor here in London. London is a great city to work as a developer, there are many many many opportunities. I feel lucky to be honest. Most of jobs are for permanent positions and some of them are even really well paid, but that would be the easy thing to do. And I don't like easy things..

Been a contractor is challenging. You can't feel safe like in a permanent job, you can get fired with just a week notice, sometime even less. So you have to proof yourself you are worth it to your employer. Also you have to keep up to date with the latest technologies, methodologies and whatnot. You will get challenged all the time in interviews and you will have to constantly be looking for jobs. Basically, it means embracing a lifestyle that forces you a bit out of your comfort zone. And that's good!

This is a huge opportunity to  learn. As a contractor you will be moving from one job to another, exploring different business domains, playing with different technologies, being exposed to different ways to develop software and working with many different developers. If we use the Software craftsmanship metaphor it is the same as being a Journeyman. Travelling from one job to another and learning from each before becoming a master.

So let's begging this journey..